Student Accounts

All band students have a Band Student Account. As students earn money from the various fundraisers that they participate in, those funds are credited to their Band Student Account. The more fundraisers the student participates in, the greater the balance in their account. Questions about Student Accounts should be sent to the Treasurer.

The funds in the student’s account can be used to help with their band related expenses. Some of these expenses include:

  • Band Camp
  • Instrument Repair
  • Band attire
  • Reeds
  • Band Trips
  • Purchase of new instruments

Account Withdrawals

Review the posted Student Account ledger balance in the band room and follow the format below when electronically requesting funds disbursed from your son/daughter student account for band related expenses.

If the requested withdrawal amount exceeds available balance, all available funds will be disbursed, leaving a zero balance in the Student Account.

Note: Student Accounts are not allowed to have a negative balance.

Withdrawal Request

In order to utilize the funds in the account students need to complete a Withdrawal Request form (available on top of the safe or from the director) and deposit it in the safe in the band room. The withdrawal form requires the following information:

Student Name:

Transfer Request

If your child happens to have funds remaining at the end of their senior year and they have a younger sibling in the band program you can have the funds transferred to the younger sibling’s account by simply filling out a transfer request.

Account Balances

Due to privacy and security issues we cannot place students’ information on the web. Their account balances are listed in the band room. If your student forgets to check their account and you would like the balance in their account or if you have any questions at all regarding the student accounts Please contact the Treasurer for the Dakota Bands.