Parent Info

The Dakota band program is supported by a board made up of parent volunteers who help with everything from handling the logistics of band camp and football games to planning fundraisers and maintaining financial records of the bands.

On generally the second Monday of each month, the director and board meet with all interested band parents in the band room. The purpose of the band parent meeting is to discuss upcoming events, relay important information and volunteer opportunities, and answer parents’ questions. Parents are invited to attend the Dakota Boosters meeting at 7pm in the Community/LGI room, and then come to the band room immediately after for the band parent meeting.

Our first meeting for 2017/2018 will be TBD.

Archives of Parent Meeting Minutes

2017-2018 Parent Board:

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President: Tammy Andersen
Vice President: Bruce Coburn
Treasurer: Faith Knoll
Secretary: Ed Pauli
Uniform Chairs: Michelle Kohl and
Marching Band Chair: Bruce Coburn
Fundraising Chairs: Carolyn Coburn

Duties of the Parent Board:


  • Chair all band parent meetings:
    • Develop and coordinate agenda with Band Director.
    • Review and approve meeting minutes with Band Director.
  • Maintain a master e-mail list of band parents.
  • Send e-mail messages to band parents as requested by the Band Director.
  • Recruit volunteers to chair fundraisers.
  • Arrange key assignments and room inspections at band camp prior to student arrival.
  • Organize and attend bi-monthly band board meetings
  • Coordinate financial matters with Treasurer.
  • Other duties as assigned by Band Director.


  • Attend monthly band parent meeting and take minutes.
  • Type minutes and e-mail to president and band director for review.
  • Maintain band website, Facebook page and YouTube channel
  • Maintain Marching Band and Concert Band email contact lists
  • Attend bi-monthly band board meetings, taking notes as needed
  • Other duties as assigned by Band Director or president


  • Maintain hard copy files for all band related financial activities by internal band accounts
  • Reconcile monthly financial statements provided by Bookkeeper
  • Submit Check Requests for expenses or invoices to Bookkeeper for payment
  • Submit internal band account transfers to Bookkeeper
  • Submit deposits to Bookkeeper from fundraisers, band camp or other activities involving payments and/or handling of cash.
  • Manage Kroger Gift Card fundraiser program
  • Maintain detailed activity records for Student Accounts
  • Post Student Account Summary in band room and ninth grade center monthly
  • Assist fundraiser chair or coordinator with financial controls necessary
  • Monitor band safe weekly
  • Attend bi-monthly band board meetings
  • Respond in a timely manner to all treasurer related inquires from band director, bookkeeper or parents
  • Proficient in use of Microsoft Office products including Excel and Word

Marching Band Chair:

  • Coordinate with the band director the snacks needed for each home football game.
  • Send emails to parent volunteers for snack donations.
  • Shop for supplies needed for snack and water distribution.
  • Shop for snacks that are not donated.
  • Package and distribute snacks and water.
  • Solicit parent volunteers to help set up before games, help with water and snack distribution during games, and help clean up after games.
  • Load /unload marching band equipment.
  • Organize parent chaperones and volunteers for all marching band performances
  • Set up/take down bleacher cushions.
  • Attend bi-monthly band board meetings

Fundraiser Chair:

  • Coordinate with the band director and the parent board the fundraisers for the year
  • Chair fundraisers or find parent volunteers to chair fundraisers.
  • Coordinate fundraising finances with the treasurer.
  • Attend bi-monthly band board meetings.

Uniforms Chair:

  • Responsible for all marching band and concert uniforms: measuring, sizing, assigning uniforms, maintaining uniforms
  • Attend all marching band and concert events to distribute uniforms and collect them afterward
  • Place orders for uniforms/accessories
  • Attend bi-monthly band board meetings.