Band Camp FAQs

Q. Where is band camp?
A. Band camp is at MCYC, which is located at 820 North Lake George Rd., Attica, MI 48412. Here’s a map to camp.

Q. How big are the bunks in the cabins?
A. Bunks are regular twin length (not x-long), but narrower than a twin bed.

Q. Is there air conditioning in the cabins?
A. No, but you can bring fans. You should check with your cabinmates because not everyone will need to bring one.

Q. What should I do about medications I have to take while I’m at camp?
A. Bring them along, and be sure you and your parent talk to our nurse, Faith Knoll, when you check in on departure day.

Q. I didn’t get my summer uniform shirt or hat yet. Or my MB t-shirt.
A. Don’t worry, you’ll get them during pre-camp.

Q. Can we go swimming there?
A. Yes, but MCYC has some rules about what you can wear. Girls with 2-piece swimsuits and all guys need to wear a swim shirt/t-shirt while swimming, so be sure to bring an extra one along.

Q. Why do we go to band camp?
A. To give us a chance to learn our new marching band show for the year while at the same time build friendships and work together as a group.

Q. How long is band camp?
A. Band camp is split into pre-camp and camp. During pre-camp, we work on basic marching skills and rehearse the marching band music. Pre-camp is held at Dakota the week before we leave for camp. In early August we go to a facility out of town to work on learning our half-time show drill. Camp generally begins on a Monday and ends on Saturday.

Q. What are the section leaders?
A. Section leaders are meant to help keep your particular section in order. There are usually 2 or 3 section leaders per instrument section. They make sure you are marching properly, marching in formation, playing your music accurately, and that you are not causing any disturbances. This makes it easier for the director to focus on the band as a whole instead of having to focus on individual sections.