Upcoming Events/Deadlines

Monday, Jan. 19
Wind Ensemble rehearsal 6-9 pm in the 9th Grade Center. If your instrument is in the band room, be sure to arrive early enough to pick it up and get to the 9GC on time!
Tuesday, Jan. 20
Marine Band Jazz Ensemble, 7:30pm in the auditorium. Free; no ticket needed for entry.
Wednesday, Jan. 21
Wind Ensemble performance, 7-7:45 pm in the auditorium. This will be exactly like their MMC performance on Friday. All are welcome.
Thursday, Jan. 22
Wind Ensemble dress rehearsal, 12:00-2:30pm
Friday, Jan. 23
Wind Ensemble MMC performance, 3:00pm in DeVos Hall in Grand Rapids. Tickets required.
Saturday, Jan. 24
Wind Ensemble returns to school approx. noon